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Frankly Faraci is a new original series on Dove Channel featuring authentic, heartfelt, behind-the-scenes interviews with inspirational figures in entertainment, music, sports, business, and politics who are actively focused on doing good and bringing positivity into the culture. Hosted by journalist Matthew Faraci, Frankly Faraci is an unprecedented show that will delight families with wonderfully unique stories they won’t see anywhere else. For everyone who is looking to be uplifted and inspired...welcome home.

Matthew Faraci - Host

Matthew Faraci is President of Inspire Buzz, the only marketing agency promoting family-friendly entertainment to the values audience. Prior to starting his company, Faraci had several successful careers, serving as a journalist, political strategist, government spokesperson, communications strategist, publicist, entrepreneur, teacher, and even as a standup comedian and writer. He brings all of these experiences to bear as host of Frankly Faraci, an inspiring new talk show highlighting faithful personalities the whole family can celebrate.

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Business Wire - January 20, 2017 Dove Channel Launches New Original Talk Show, #FranklyFaraci, with The Resurrection of Gavin Stone Actors Brett Dalton, Anjelah Johnson Talking Faith and Comedy in Exclusive Teaser Episode http://ondove.co/2mOKw5V

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